About Caliche Coffee

Our coffee story began in back in 2011 when Daniel Raymer roasted his first batches of coffee on the stake bed of an old 1946 Ford truck. Daniels’ original Ranch Road Roasters honored the scenic back roads around Fredericksburg with each roast and global origin sharing its own individual story from their aroma to the profile of the palate.

In the Fall of 2018, Caliche Coffee was born as Daniel generously shared his wisdom and personal coffee roasting tricks with us as we renovated a historic building on the west end of Main Street to be a welcoming community hub for Fredericksburg.

For our Caliche family, we are playful in our approach, but take seriously the way coffee has a powerful positive impact on the people of a community. For us, this means knowing the person who roasts your favorite coffee on-site, ensuring our sustainably sourced products support the farmers who grow it, and providing a friendly place to enjoy your favorite cup and inspired food every day of the week. We hope you join us on this journey whenever you get the chance.