Caliche staff grinding fresh coffee beans

Our Roasts

All of our coffees are roasted in small batches on a Diedrich IR-7 and IR-12. These coffee roasters are known for their capability of creating a clean and delicious cup of coffee. Diedrich roasters have a smaller carbon footprint and while the infrared burners save those gas emissions from the environment they also spare them in every batch of coffee. Roasting in small batches allows us to make sure the coffee on our shelves and in our shop stays fresh and doesn’t linger for too long. We believe that the science and art involved in roasting coffee gets lost in mass production. Our coffee is sourced from high quality farms from around the world and cherished each step of the way, eventually making its way to your cup. We want each of our coffees to be a new experience that brings out the inherent flavors and aromatics of the beans.